Alex Clark

Alex began his professional life as a chemist building molecules in Boston, prepping for a career in medicine. In a truly extravagant act of self sabotage, he gave up this budding career to move to New York City and dive into the standup comedy scene.

After a year of living and breathing comedy, a Wall Street firm offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse in the stock market, and he took it. Three years later, finally realizing that the deal had been completely refuse-able, he quit that job and opened a café and wine bar on his home turf, NYC’s East Village. He spent 5 happy years behind the bar serving wine, learning about wine, and traveling to Central Europe to visit vineyards. He may or may not have spent a couple of these years living in his 1982 VW Vanagon on the streets of NYC. Manhattan rent is no joke.

Todd, a fellow East Village resident, was a regular at the café, and Alex started buying Silas Wine from him.  Many wine-filled nights later, Alex followed a girl (what a cliché) out to Oregon and joined the Silas team. He immersed himself in apprenticing at the winery, studying winemaking, and overseeing the construction of The Bramble tasting room, in Amity.

Alex now spends his working days in Amity, crafting the new vintages of Silas Wines and staffing The Bramble, and his free time on the Oregon Coast, where he lives on the beach, hunts mushrooms, and surfs until he can’t feel his face (so, 15 minutes at a time).  He married that girl he followed. And he’s taught both his cats to fetch. So, life is good.