Copy of Events, for Dave Ricketts

Dave Ricketts @ The Bramble, Wednesday May 22nd

We are excited to have Dave Ricketts, a Gypsy Jazz guitar virtuoso and friend of Silas Wines, playing in Amity next Wednesday from 6-8 PM. 

Dave is an extremely talented, nationally recognized guitarist, who fronts his band Gaucho in San Francisco, and we only had to bribe his road manager with a metric ton of wine to convince him to re-route his Oregon tour through (what he has been led to believe is) the music-crazed metropolis Amity! Here's a link to Dave performing with Gaucho at Amnesia in San Fran.

We will have specials on bottles and glasses of wine, admission is free to Silas Wines Club Members, and the cost is only the purchase of one bottle of Silas Wine for everybody else. You get to listen to great music, and walk out with a great bottle of wine.  A win-win!

If you are thinking of coming, let us know, and we hope to see many of you there!


An occasional class

 The Bramble Tasting Room

100 5th Street  Amity, Oregon

With Alex Clark, salumi enthusiast, cold water surfer, wino.

Alex will walk you through the process of transforming a pork jowl into the sublime form of Italian salumi called guanciale, through the miracle of  dry curing!  (Never had guanciale, named for the Italian word that means both “cheek” and “pillow”? It puts bacon to shame.  Careful—this may irreversibly change the way you cook.) 

With a glass of wine in hand, sample a few different variations and preparations of our house-made guanciale, learn a little bit about how meat is cured, and then get to work.  You will get your very own pork jowl and prepare a custom blend of aromatics and spices.  After you prepare your cure and rub it in, we take care of the rest.  In a week’s time you can stop by The Bramble and we’ll hand you your cured, Pinot Blanc-washed guanciale, wrapped in cheesecloth, ready to rest in the back of your fridge and change the way you look at pork. 

Cost: $45/person, $30 for Silas Wine Club Members.   Price includes a glass of wine, house-cured guanciale samples, your own pork jowl, and all salts, spices, aromatics, and materials necessary.  Bottles of pairing wines are available after class at Special Event prices—because when you cut into your guanciale, and you’ll need a glass of wine that goes with it!

Inquiries:  alex@silaswines