Frank McBrearty

Frank grew up in Greece, but has lived in Oregon since 2005.  A couple of years after his arrival, he and Todd bought Calliope Vineyard, 3 acres of vines on an 11 acre farm nestled in a remnant of primeval forest in the foothills of Mt. Hood. At heart, he’s a steward of the land, a farmer, content astride his John Deere tractor named Tara.

He and his partner Emily spent many hours caring for the vines and learning from the viticultural experience of seasoned neighbors in Beavercreek.  The techniques learned from the neighbors probably did not include dropping acid one year so Frank could stay up and bird net the vineyard for 30 straight hours.  That was a Frank technique.

On sunnier days, he remembers picking grapes as a child with his Aunt Urania and Uncle Dimitrakis on the Island of Paros in the Aegean Sea.  On most harvest days, Frank and Emily rally their friends and family to the Vineyard to get the grapes in and celebrate.  He has long been an advocate for small vineyards in Oregon, and once developed a business to help small growers and producers market their wines through the world wide web.

He has a day job managing software development projects all over the world, telecommuting on his laptop to Romania, New York, or San Francisco while watching over the vineyard in Beavercreek.