Todd Sigaty

Todd’s undeterred nature got us all into this whole Silas Wines venture in the first place. In 2005, he came to Calliope Vineyard in Beavercreek, Oregon looking for a new home. He encountered a whole community of friends and neighbors who had harvested, cut cane, and hung wire on the vineyard with the original homesteaders over many years.

The sunset was nice and the company was good. A stand of primeval old growth forest on the property balanced pinot noir vines planted in 1989.  A gathering of friends talked about caring for the land and growing, making, and sharing wine.  He asked for the keys and he’s never looked back. The next year, with no vineyard or winemaking experience, he and Frank founded Silas Wines, v1.0.

Todd now keeps one foot in the Willamette Valley and one in New York City. His day job as Director of Legal Affairs and Development for SHoP Architects is really too awesome to call  a “day job.” While he is proud of SHoP’s skyscrapers, sports arenas, and major projects on four continents, he especially loves The Bramble, the wine bar the firm designed in the town of Amity, Oregon, heart of the wine country, population 1,614. 

In one of many past lives, he established the Angkor Wat International Bike Race and Half-Marathon which brings together over 4,000 people from 45 countries each December for youth projects in Cambodia.