Tony Markward


Tony’s great grandfather, a grocer in Dubuque, Iowa, made wine from whatever would ferment in his garden. Dandelions, fruit from an unruly and varied orchard, and four rows of concord grapes all got a chance. Tony first introduced himself to wine with sips of some of these home grown and not particularly pleasant beverages.  

While working as a public policy consultant and then as a television editor, he dipped his toes in the food and beverage worlds of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles without diving in.  He invested in a coffee company, prepped part time in a restaurant kitchen, and talked and drank wine with friends, family, and wine professionals in their living rooms, shops, vineyards, kitchens and cellars.

Tony’s wife introduced him to Todd in 2011, and Todd introduced him to the 2009 rendition of Silas.  The wine was delicious, and Todd’s description of Calliope, a little vineyard deep in the woods, was evocative.  After half a lifetime of sharing wine around the world with many amazing people who make it, sell it, and write about it, he left a perfectly good media career to pursue his passion for the wine styles he enjoys in a place—the Willamette Valley—most suited to them.